Digitized and inclusive Quality Management (QMS)

Inclusive quality management processes and customer-oriented development for excellence

Cleerit lets you integrate and digitize your quality management system (QMS), including policies, processes and action plans, with the aim of helping your organization meet the demands of your customers and stakeholders. Cleerit’s inclusive quality management model is based on the PDCA cycle, Plan-Do-Check-Act, for full control and continuous improvement of your processes and products.

Quality work is extensive because it encompasses everything. Quality is what shapes the customers’ experience when they consume your products and services, what is usually called “the moment of truth”. Using Cleerit when working systematically with quality is therefore about consciously and effectively working with what will ultimately affect how the customer experiences your products and services.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.


  • Define, improve and control processes
  • Prevent mistakes and reduce waste
  • Define and distribute quality goals 
  • Plan and manage your quality activities
  • Manage and follow up on quality audits and continuous improvement activities
  • Create and monitor your quality plan budget and forecast
  • Measure and analyse quality results and deviations with flexible reports and KPIs   
  • Analyse, prevent and mitigate quality risks  
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing  
  • Simplify reporting and ensure access to key information in real-time  

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Clear overview in real-time of your quality management plans, goals, activities and KPIs
Clear governance models where people, activities and resources are focused on strategic quality goals and priorities
Gantt charts and activity boards to efficiently follow up on responsibilities, status and progress towards your quality goals
Measure and analyse quality KPIs in tailormade dashboards adjusted to your needs
Analyse, follow up and prevent quality risks
Flexible quality management plan reports for a clear overview in real-time both on-and offline

More about quality plans with Cleerit

Why is quality management important?

Working proactively with quality is a prerequisite for a successful business where customer satisfaction is in focus. The idea is simply that efficient quality management will pay off since it leads to satisfied customers, reduced errors and increased performance.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts.

John Ruskin

Transforming your quality management plans into reality with comprehensive seamlessly integrated capabilities

Cleerit lets you manage quality with action plans linked to your quality goals in a quality management model that shows how strategic quality processes are logically linked to goals and activities. This clarifies how activities such as quality controls, certification processes, audits, improvements and business development contribute to supporting your organization’s delivery of high-quality products and services, as well as increased productivity.

Potential quality failure is a risk that comes with a cost. For those of you who work to identify, analyze and mitigate risks as part of quality management, Cleerit offers integrated risk management capabilities, which you can connect to your quality management plans or manage in separate risk management plans, depending on your needs.

Turning strategic quality plans into reality requires that you allocate your resources wisely, where they create the highest value. Therefore, financial planning and time management are important and seamlessly integrated components in Cleerit. You avoid manual time-consuming planning and control templates, and you can automate your budget processes for optimized resource allocation, faster results and higher reliability.

Make sure that everyone knows what to do, when and why  

Cleerit enables you to monitor the progress of your quality management activities, such as quality controls, inspections, audits and improvement projects, with activity boards, schedules and status reports.  

You and your team get a digital collaboration space with governance models, goal maps, task plannings, Gantt charts, kanban boards and documents, that clarifies what you should do and how you contribute to the overall quality goals.

Visualize and share quality management results and contributions with reports and KPIs for analysis and learning 

With reports and metrics, status follow-up and progression, you have continuous access to evidence- based data for analysis and informed decisions. This allows you to be agile and re-prioritize when needed. You can define KPIs and measures, set target values ​​and compare outcomes for continuous quality improvement.

You can generate comprehensive reports in real-time, to share insights and quality contributions to the organization as a whole, and to the various business areas and functions. When you have access to comprehensive evidence-based data tailored to your needs in one solution, you can analyze, learn and continuously improve.

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