Turn strategies into reality

Manage your strategies, goals, budgets, KPIs, activities, projects, risks and ESG performance with an integrated planning and decision support maximizing performance.

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…to get a clear overview of where you are, what's ahead, what's important and how to get to where you want to be?

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Do the right things the right way!

Gain in overview, clarity and control to prioritize and make the right decisions.

Allocate resources to where they are most useful and adjust easily when needed.

Make sure everyone works towards the same goals and knows what to do.

Make work visible and leverage knowledge to reach your goals faster.

Cleerit gives you the clarity and the decision support you need to reach your goals. One step at a time, every day.

Cleerit is the modern way to manage your organization, when every day counts. Seamlessly connecting strategy, execution and performance management, Cleerit provides your team with the clarity needed to drive everyday performance and turn your strategies into reality.

Starting with the big picture, Cleerit takes you through your workday.

Offering a solution to align day-to-day activities with strategy, allocate and monitor resources, manage risks and secure goal reaching. While tracking progress and results along the way.

You get a real-time overview of your organization’s priorities, teams, activities and performance – and support to plan, learn and excel. In one customized flexible user-friendly solution.

Meet tomorrow's challenges with the tools of the future.
The modern way to manage your organization, when every day counts.

Areas of use

When everything really works as it should

Cleerit can be used to plan, manage and control all or part of your activities. You can choose to manage all your plans, or focus on some. It is easy to scale up & down and adapt to your specific needs.

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Key functions

All your plans seamlessly integrated in one place

Integrated features that best create benefits together but that can also be used individually based on your needs.

Want to know more about how Cleerit can create added value for your organization?
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Where you want to be
And how to get there - 8 steps

Cleerit leads you on the path to your goals, one step at a time every day.

  1. Know exactly where you are and what matters.
  2. Decide where you want to go, enter your destination, choose your settings and plot your route forward.
  3. Set your boundaries in terms of budget, time, resources, means, rules and conditions for success.
  4. Choose your itinerary and follow the guidance to go from where you are to where you want to be.
  5. Invite team members and partners to join the journey, and make sure everyone knows where you’re going and stay on the same track.
  6. Factor in risks and minimize the impact of unforeseen events and obstacles.
  7. Get continuous live updates on current status and what’s ahead.
  8. Adjust in real-time and recalculate a new route when needed. Or ask yourself if your destination is still the same, and if any of the boundary conditions should change?

And now, where do you want Cleerit to lead you?

We are with you all the way because it is also about people!

We are inspired by your challenges and by contributing to more efficient processes and higher goals in your organization. Our experienced team assists you with both technical and business-specific experience and expertise.

With our support, the complex becomes simpler and you get started quickly and easily. Together, we make sure that you reach your goals, within the time frame and budget you set. We stay by your side and assist you with continuous knowledge transfer and support.

Your success is our success!

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