Communication plan management

Inclusive communication plans that strengthen brand, reputation and organizational culture

Do you manage your communication plans, campaigns, PR activities, events, schedules and budgets with Excel, PowerPoint, meetings and a lot of e-mails? Are you looking to adopt digital and inclusive technology to unleash and share the impact of your communication plans? Cleerit is the solution for you!

With Cleerit, you digitize your communication plans, and include everyday activity planning, budget processes and performance management, aligned to your strategic goals. You get:

  • Real-time overview of your organization’s priorities, teams, plans, resources, activities, target groups and performance in a flexible inclusive solution adapted to your specific needs
  • Clear connection of communication goals and activities to the organization’s strategic priorities – and the decision support you need to maximize communication performance and contribution
  • Best practice communication management models adapted to your organization’s specific situation and needs – connecting your communication goals to everyday work

  • Define and distribute your internal and external communication goals
  • Manage communication projects, events, trade shows, PR activities and media relations
  • Manage campaigns and communication material
  • Create and monitor your communication budget
  • Measure and analyse communication performance with flexible reports and KPIs
  • Create a communication contact directory throughout the organisation
  • React in real-time and convey collective messages in crisis situations
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Simplify reporting and ensure access to key information in real-time

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Clear overview in real-time on communication plans, goals, activities and KPIs
Clear governance models where people, activities and resources focus on strategic communication goals and priorities
Gantt charts for an at-a-glance timeline overview of your projects, activities and tasks
Kanban cards and activity boards help you allocate responsibilities, monitor status and progress towards communication goals
Tailormade planning views adjusted to your needs
Flexible communication plans and reports for a clear overview in real-time, on and offline

More about communication plans with Cleerit

A clear communication plan is the foundation for a strong brand

Your brand is not what you say it is, it is what your customers and target groups say it is. And not communicating is also to communicate. Therefore, having a clear and well thought out communication plan is a critical success factor for your organization.

Just as a strategic plan serves as a roadmap for how your organization intends to achieve its goals, a communications plan helps you steer the organization’s communications efforts. It lays out the foundation for your communication activities and ensures a successful communication strategy.

With Cleerit, you can easily create and share a clear communication plan that will help you reach your goals. With an inclusive communication management model, you identify your objectives and target groups, in line with the organization’s overall goals. Once the big picture is clear, you cascade objectives throughout the organization and connect the activities required to successfully drive your communication strategy and build a strong brand.

Replacing paper with a PC screen doesn’t change the need for clear, precise communication.

Kenneth Roman & Joel Raphaelson – How to Communicate Effectively in Business

Clear overview and reliable decision support with a digital inclusive solution for communication planning and control

With Cleerit, the central communications department can easily manage communication plans and activities in close collaboration with regional and local communication managers, for streamlined and inclusive communication processes throughout the entire organization.

Communication managers get a clear overview of all communication activities and teams across the organization. You can zoom in from the big picture to focus on in-depth details, which helps you to quickly navigate through large amounts of information and prioritize as you lead your team towards your internal and external communication goals.

From communication strategy and goals to communication plans with resource and budget planning

You can easily create your goal focused communication plan in Cleerit and get a visual plan that shows how strategic areas, such as brand, media and target groups, are logically linked to goals and activities. Monitoring status, progress and goal fulfilment is only one click away.

A prerequisite for turning communication strategies into reality is to allocate the resources where they contribute the most. Therefore, activity-based budgeting and resource planning are important features in Cleerit. You can easily plan and monitor your budget with a clear connection to your communication activities and projects, which helps you to stay agile. With Cleerit you can also automate salary and overhead cost budgets.

You avoid manual time-consuming planning templates and can automate your planning processes for optimized resource allocation, increased reliability and performance.

Manage the daily work towards common goals and make sure everyone knows what to do and why

Cleerit helps you get a clear overview of your activities – such as the production of communication material, PR events, crisis management, media relations and internal communication.

With the help of goal maps, activity boards, Gantt schedules and status reports, you make sure everyone knows what to do, why, when and at what cost.

Cleerit is your digital platform for collaboration where the daily efforts and contributions of the communication teams are aligned to the organization’s strategic goals and messages.

Make communication contributions and success visible with reports and KPIs for analysis and learning

With reports and metrics, and continuous monitoring of status and progress, you have real-time access to evidence-based data for analysis and informed decisions. This allows you to be agile and re-prioritize when needed. You can define KPIs and measures, set target values ​​and compare outcomes for your campaigns and activities.

When essential information such as target groups, messages, communication channels, resource allocation, progress and performance, are gathered in one solution, you can produce your own reports tailored to your needs.

You can generate comprehensive reports in real-time, to share insights and show the contribution of the communication department to the different business areas and functions in the organisation.

Your internal stakeholders get a clear view of how you manage your resources for strategic communication to customers, investors, media, the general public and internally in the organisation.

Cleerit helps you take a clear ownership of communication strategies, work more proactively, and continuously learn and improve with evidence-based decision support.

For communication plans delivering maximum performance on your way to your higher communication goals.

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