Plan operations ∙ Set goals ∙ Allocate resources ∙ Collaborate
Manage budgets & forecasts ∙ Measure results & KPIs
Implement action plans ∙ Manage projects ∙ Reduce risks

Flexible planning & tracking

CLEERIT Smart Planning is a flexible and integrated application for planning and tracking of operations, designed for managers and team members at all levels of the enterprise: from general management, strategy, finance and project office, to operations, marketing and communications.

This full-web application offers increased decision support wherever you are with an internet connection. It allows you to replace manual time-consuming planning templates and processes with a modern application creating efficient workflows throughout the organization.

CLEERIT offers a clear overview of goals, activities, projects, budgets, forecasts, resources, risks, status and results. All in one place!

Real-time decision support

CLEERIT offers a large number of integrated functions for planning and control, customized to meet your specific needs, that provide a strategic framework to orchestrate day-to-day work, manage performance and secure goal reaching.

One place

You choose the functions you need.

Strategy & Goals

Screen-Styrkedja– Strategic analysis, SWOT
– Set and allocate goals
– Transform into action plans
– Visualize the management model
– Monitor progress and status
– Reduce risks


Action plan monitoring

Screen-Handlingsplan– Manage activities and projects
– Yearly to daily planning schedules
– Reporting and KPIs
– Favourite reports
– Customized report templates


Project management

Screen-Projekt– Collaborative project management
– Tasks and milestones
– Resource planning
– Prevent time problems
– Collaboration and sharing


Budget & Forecast

Screen-Uppfoljning– Budget & forecast processes
– Customized accounting plan
– Calculation of salary costs
– Allocation of OH costs
– Monitoring of actual results
– Integration with ERP


Resource planning

Screen-Tidsplanering– Resource allocation
– Detailed time scheduling
– Calculation of costs
– Management of absences



Risk analysis

Screen-Risker– Risk management
– Risk reducing measures
– Assess probability
– Incidence and status
– Risk reporting


Reports & KPIs

Screen-Nyckeltal– Budget & forecast analysis
– Resource allocation analysis
– Progress monitoring
– Assessement of goal reaching
– Analysis of KPIs


All in one place – clear overview


– Strategy & Goals
– Action plans & Projects
– Budgets & Forecasts
– Resource planning
– Messages
– Documents
– Risk analysis
– Reports & KPIs

Answers key questions for efficient planning and control

  • What are we doing? What have we done? What should we do?
  • Are activities aligned with our strategy and goals?
  • How do we allocate our resources (budget / time / competencies)?
  • What are the results / ROI of our activities? Have we secured goal reaching?

Smart and clear planning processes

With CLEERIT Smart Planning you decide how simple or complex you need the planning process to be.

You can choose to activate all integrated functions and services, but you can also choose only the functions you really need today. The application is scalable, you can add or remove with a simple click.

CLEERIT helps you structure operations, increase control and save time. The planning process becomes clear and easy to manage.

Planning process


Would you like to know more?

A demo will help you understand how the CLEERIT application can create value for your organization. Welcome!