Welcome to our new client, the municipality of Crespières in the Paris region

23 Jul 2021

Crespières has chosen Cleerit for the digital planning, management and control of the budgets and activities of the municipality. Crespières is deeply committed to the UN’s Agenda 2030 for sustainable development and each goal defined in its strategic plan is linked to a specific goal in the Agenda 2030.

Crespières’s vision is to be the best town in France to live, do business and work in. The main mission of the municipality of Crespières is to meet the daily needs of its population, both in terms of services and infrastructure, while ensuring the sustainable economic development of its territory, and the preservation of its heritage and the environment. Its action aims to improve the living environment of the inhabitants, beautify the city, develop urban planning, promote local economic development, promote cultural offer, renovate heritage, strengthen security and optimize state services at the level local. The municipality of Crespières meets the needs of residents and economic agents throughout their lives. The development of the town is characterized by commitment, participation, resilience and excellence.

We proudly welcome the municipality of Cresipères!