Price examples

Save time and create value

The cost is based on the number of users. Some price examples*:

Nb of users One-time fee/user Monthly fee/user Corresponding cost of saved time/user/month
201 445 €48 €40 min
100 435 €25 €20 min
500 190 €16 €15 min

* Excl consulting fees for implementation support if needed

Cost savings

The financial gain in the form of time savings:

350 € per month and user

You can get the initial investment back in just 2 weeks, depending on how many users your organization has. **

Direct financial gain

Implementing a digital solution for planning, management and control is about the value your organization can generate from digitization processes and improvements. The right solution saves time, streamlines processes, provides relevant and reliable decision support and enables better work.

With Cleerit you can

  • Gain in overview, clarity and control to be able to prioritize and make the right decisions
  • Allocate resources to where they contribute the most and adjust easily when needed
  • Make sure everyone works towards the same goals and knows what to do, when and why
  • Leverage knowledge and experience, learn, improve, collaborate and share best practices
  • Make work visible and highlight urgent issues for an increased employee productivity
  • Reduce time spent on reviews and evaluations, project overruns and risks, increase forecast reliability

The economic gain in the form of time savings is large, but the economic gain in the form of productivity improvements, increased target fulfillment, reduced costs, shorter time to market, fewer project overruns, lower inefficiency and reduced risks, is even greater.

If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact us to book a demo that shows how Cleerit can create value for you and your organization.

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** Time saved (-50% time for performance reviews) x salary cost per month (5000€) → 100 h/y = 1 d/m, 1 m = 21,5 d, 5000€ x 1,5 incl salary surcharges, 1750 working h/y, excl increased strategy implementation success rate, leveraged experience, agile resource allocation, alignment and shared best practices

Areas of use

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